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Adjustable Jump Rope


THE SECRET TO THE KIND OF HEALTHY FIT BODY YOU WANT The Best Speed Jump Rope to Improve Your Fitness – Get a Healthy Fit Body for Less Time and Money than Most Sports – Burn Fat Fast, increase your strength, improve coordination, develop stamina, increase your balance and foot speed Jump Roping is the Secret Boxers have been using for years to improve their fitness, it offers an all over body workout, and you can pack a jump rope easily wherever you travel. To get the most from Jump Roping you need to purchase a quality speed jump rope, this will allow you to develop and maintain a much faster spinning pace, it is also important to make sure you determine the ideal rope length to achieve the correct form. The PRO SPEED 3000 Jump Rope – Uses a newly designed 2.5mm tangle free wire rope combined with Ball Bearing Handles to provide lightning fast speed, control and comfort. -It is easy to adjust the length of the wire rope using a Philips Head Screwdriver, simply set the length required, tighten the screw and cut any excess rope – you can try different lengths before cutting the rope. – Suitable for beginners to jump professionals, once you have mastered the basic techniques you can move onto tricks, which keeps your session enjoyable and challenging, the PRO SPEED 3000 will not hold you back; it will enhance your workouts. THE ONLY Jump Rope Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Replacement Guarantee on the Handles Click on the Add to Cart Button to Take Your Fitness to a New Level Now!


1. Easily Adjustable, Can try at Different Lengths Before Cutting, Suitable for Height up to 6ft 6″

2. Suitable for Speed Skipping, Double Unders and Hard Training Sessions, Boosts Your Speed, Co-ordination, Endurance

3. Lighting Fast 2.5mm Tangle Free Steel Wire Cable Plastic Coated Jumping Rope. — Tangle Proof Cable Packaged in a Round Coil to Prevent Bends, Kinks or Damage to Your Rope While Shipping. It Arrives at Your Door Ready to Use

4. 5″ Smooth Turning Ball Bearing Handles provide Control and Comfort, Low Resistance and Wear to the Rope

5. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 60-Day Warranty


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