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Parallel Bars 88cm to 97cm Tall – Tallest on the market! | Parallettes |


  • New and improved. These bars are up to 97cm tall so are suitable for multiple moves and body sizes. They are also much wider than basic parallels bars for exercise like Australian Pull Ups. They can be used for push up’s, dips and weighted dips.
  • Dimensions: H 88 to 97cm, W 79cm and foot W 40cm and supports 28 stone
  • Heavy Duty tubing for rock solid weighted dips. Parallette bars can be easily stacked together, taking up little storage space. The design of the feet has been made flat as the circle feet have a  tendency to slip on smooth services.
  • Participants use their own body weight as resistance and decide what level is right for them by “self-  spotting”, Self-spotting means the legs can be used to assist the user to perform exercises and/or when  they cannot continue an exercise with confidence
  • This product is welded for increased strength and longevity. Welding can create a continuous joint with lower stress concentrations, while bolting will always have stress concentrations at each bolt. 


•Comes with 60 day money back guarantee and 1 year warranty

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When it comes to building lower pectorals, triceps and frontal deltoids, dips are without doubt one the best exercises I’ve ever used. The parallel triceps dip is a triceps isolation movement with some slight pectoral and front deltoid stimulation. The full dip is an entirely different animal. In a full dip you lower down as far as humanly possible – often you will have to actually relax the muscles of the shoulder girdle in order to achieve the maximum low position. When you start to arise in the full dip the chin is kept on the chest and the athlete ‘leans into’ the dip to trigger the pectoral muscles. At mid-point throw the chin skyward and finish the exercise using the triceps. I always advise an athlete to extend the rep range-of-motion instead of adding extra poundage. 2-3 sets to failure are recommended. The perfect session placement for dip inclusion is after chest work and before triceps. As I’ve stated before there are a myriad of reasons that chest exercise should be followed by triceps exercise and the finest segue from pecs to tris is the dip, preferably the ultra-deep style. The ultra-dip requires pec stimulation to get the body started upward from the low position and requires triceps to finish off the rep stroke. Here is a tip from the Purposefully Primitive Handbook or old Indian Tricks: start off with a set or two of ultra-dips and as they become impossible due to fatigue, switch to parallel dips so as to keep the party train rolling. Once you are burnt out on dips, start with heavy triceps work such as nose-breakers, standing overhead triceps extensions using a single dumbbell and finish off with cable pushdowns of different


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