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Unbalanced Wooden Bar For 1 Arm Pull Up Progression and Grip Strength


  • Are you working towards that allusive one arm pull up? This is the product for you!
  • The higher arms does more work so you can keep holding the bar higher until you progress to one hand!
  • The bar is made from high quality European Ash wood for a great look and feel.
  • The bar is 60cm long so you can get a reasonable wide grip whilst fitting in most doorways. Can be longer on request.
  • Comes in diameters of 50mm, 60mm, 76mm and a whooping 90mm and comes with a 5mm cord so can be used from the box.


Use unbalance as your advantage! 

Let’s say you want to do 10 pull ups.

Just do 5 pull ups where your right hand is on higher part, then switch, put your left hand on higher part and do 5 more.

It will actually put more stress on one side (biceps, lats) and help your muscles to grow.

This will put more focus on one side of your body helping you to transition to one arm pull up.

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50mm, 60mm, 76mm, 90mm


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